GRUPPO GERMOGLI combines two brands: La Boutique and Panificio Vergine, each with its own HISTORY but both with common elements: AMORE e PASSIONE for their work
It is a reality in Salento that works in various sectors, the pastry, the fresh and assorted seafood specialties, the fragrant bakery, the sublime torteria, and then again the bistro, the prontoforno, the b&b and the magnificent parties, so Gruppo Germogli is a “container of happiness”.

Gruppo Germogli

Torteria, pastry, biscuit, sweet and salty is that part of our activity that takes care of cheer the senses, make enjoy the taste buds, tease the palate, sight and smell.
A slice of cake is not just the dough, well done, of a string of ingredients, but the representation of an identity of the territory through its raw materials and the energy of the people who work there.

Gruppo Germogli

Perfumes and colors packed with grace and taste to turn every party or event into unforgettable moments and exciting memories, theme parties, parties, wedding ceremonies or even a dinner with friends.

Gruppo Germogli

How to resist the smell of freshly baked bread, flavors that evoke special emotions, warm aromas that invite to conviviality, pizzas, puccette, biscuits, frize and traditional products.

Gruppo Germogli

Always in love with the sea, the fish and its fascinating mystery, in our counters, in our kitchen and in our dishes we enclose and represent with passion and dedication flavors, aromas and colors.

Gruppo Germogli

We measure our creativity by the wonder of your eyes, we organize every kind of event, reception, ceremony, theme party, wedding, Christmas, Easter or private party, with the obsessive attention to detail, partners and professionals in the sector to realize events tailored.


Three apartments with star roofs furnished with the typical taste and elegance of the Salento tradition, will be the setting for a pleasant and relaxing holiday, where there will be a warm welcome and good food.